About Us

We’ve been printing cool stuff for over fifteen years. If that makes us sound old, just think about how old our cool antique presses are. And by “we,” we mean our founder, Meghan Pochucha, and her team of fantastic consultants, including a reluctant corgi named Kip.

So How Does it Work?

Step 1: Letterpress begins with your great idea. We can start from a conversation or a cocktail napkin and create a digital mock-up of your project. 

Step 2A: Once the mock-up is tip-top, we will create something called a form, which may be made up of any combination of photopolymer, wood or lead type, or hand-carved blocks. If your project is multicolor, each color will require its own form.

Step 2B: We choose paper! We say this with an exclamation point because this part is super exciting for us. There’s a whole world of options for your project, and we know letterpress papers inside and out. Unless you already know what you want, we’ll guide you toward selecting the paper that fits your budget and will best showcase your project.

Step 2C: Unless it’s something super easy and simple like black, we’ll also custom mix your job’s colors using a Pantone code so that the ink we use is exactly what we mocked up on the screen. You’re picky about your colors, and we are too. We also take into account the color of paper chosen to ensure that you get the visual effect you were aiming for once ink meets paper.

Step 3: Now it’s time for some centuries-old traditional printmaking magic. We’ll lock up the form in the press best suited for your job and let the old girls do what they do best. (No, really, they’re super old. Like 1889 old.) The rollers on the press will ink the form we’ve made using the ink we’ve mixed, and then the press will, well, press that form into the paper we’ve chosen. This is where your image comes to life in that awesome, tactile letterpress relief print. Multi-color job? Cool, we repeat this process until all of your colors are printed. 

Step 4: Once the printing is complete, we’ll hand finish your job with any trimming, glueing, perforating, die-cutting, or other process necessary, and then we’ll tie it all up in a metaphorical bow for you. (I mean, sometimes these jobs are big and we’re just not made of bows.)

Printmaking is a handcrafted art, and letterpress in particular creates something one-of-a-kind that you, your clients, or your loved ones will want to keep.